Alex Cole special guest nell’album da solista di Kappa


Alex Cole special guest chitarra e voce per la cover “Mississippi Queen” dei Mountain nell’imminente album solista di Kappa. Alex Cole e Kappa Dario Cappanera si sono ritrovati in studio in Toscana per registrare insieme un brano che sarà presente nell’ultimo disco di Kappa. Si tratta della canzone “Mississippi Queen” dei Mountain, riarrangiata in chiave moderna con lo stile rock duro che accomuna e caratterizza i due rockers italiani.

Dal sito ufficiale, la biografia in lingua inglese di Kappa:

Kappa starts playing guitar at age 8, influenced by his uncle Fabio Cappanera, guitarist of legendary italian metal band Strana Officina.
He starts playing simple 12 blues bar to get soon to power chords, scales and all rock guitar styling. As he was told he just learned by hear playing for years on records and tapes of all rock n roll kind, and then got closer to saxon, judas priest and all newwaveofbritishheavymetal style.

As long he graduate from highschool decides to move to the U.S to get more involved into the blues and rock music, so kappa moved to austin texas where he got the chance to jam in the Chealsea street Pub circuit.

That’s where he learned the most and got the attitude to set the stage on fire; at that time his most important influencies were ZZTop, Stivie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and all the classics.
Kappa got back to Italy in 1993, and that was the hardest moment in his life. Infact his uncle Fabio lost his life in a car accident. This experience made kappa moved to an insane faith about playing
rock and metal guitar, that was for his uncle who was a role model for all his life.
He got into Strana Officina and played for years a commemorative tour playing the parts and the role of his hero.
In 1996 made up Cappanera, his first metal band, kappa wrote, recorded and produced his debut album “Materializin’ dream” for Lucretia Records International and played everywhere was required, from pubs to clubs to big Gods of Metal festival where he opened for Monster Magnet and Metallica in 1999; during the Cappanera years, kappa got a deal with Mogar Music for and artist endorsement for Gibson guitars.

In the same time he moved to Milan and starts doing session man for different italian rock and pop artists such as Francesco Renga , but that wasn’t the way to follow. Kappa never considered himself as session player, but a strong rock and metal artist who wants to become a shredder and badass guitarist devote to the cause of rock n roll!!
That’s why he took a time off from playing, kappa wanted to learn more about studio and touring life, so he started touring as guitar tech for italian biggest rock singer Vasco Rossi, a good way to improve his technical knoledge about guitars, wiring amps and audio stuff.

In 2006 Kappa was called to play in the Strana Officina reunion show, headlining the Gods of Metal festival in Milan; in 2007 the band starts the preproduction and the production at Larione10 Studio in Florence, of the new album titled “The faith” out on MygraveYard Productions on june 30th 2007. Strana Officina will tour the country for the whole summer to promote “the faith”.
At the same time kappa started a new band called REBELDEVIL, and complete the lineup with singer from metaltrashers Extrema, GHELL Perotti, Ale Demonoid Lera on drums lately with Exilia and Ale Paolucci, legendary bassplayer of hardcore cult band RawPower.
RebelDevil is now at work to complete his debut album, and promoting it to the biggest metal labels across Europe and U.S.
On June ’08 the band sign for u.k label Molten Metal Production and finish the mix of debut album at Larione multistudio with co-production of Paolo Favati. The album, titled “Against You”, is released on october 15th ’08 across europe and january 22nd ’09 across U.s.a.

In july ’08 Kappa signed an artist endorsement deal with Gibson Guitars receiving a Gibson Les Paul Standard 08 and a Flying V.
Drummer Cris Dalla Pellegrina, (past drummer of Extrema, now with italian rock band Negrita),
join Rebeldevil on May 08, replacing Demonoid Lera who decided to give his first priority to his first band Exilia. Rebeldevil starts the promotion for “Against you” playing an italian club tour, and follow with its first european tour.

In 2009 kappa joins Evan Senfield, bassist from hardcore legends Biohazard, spending 6 months in Los Angeles playing local gigs. Back from L.a, Strana Officina starts the production of new full lenght album “Rising to the call” released and presented at Italian Gods of Metal show at biggest italian venue Alcatraz, Milan. An italian tour follow the album launch.
At the same time Kappa is on tour with Vasco Rossi for his European Indoor tour 2009/2010 and then for his 2011 arena tour. In may ’11 Kappa starts the production and shooting of his first movie, joining Carlo Virzi for his film “I piu grandi di tutti” in the role of Rino, the guitarist of a rock band. In 2012 Kappa releases his first solo album, titled “Code Of Discipline” published by Bagana Rock Agency Milan and tour Northen Italy with Rolando Cappanera on drums (Strana Officina) and Frankie LiCausi on bass (historic bass player from famous italian rock act Negrita)
2014 is a year dedicated for touring with Strana Officina after the release of the reprint 80’s album in Vinyl and Cd, and the band starts working on his first Official Biography Book, edited by Krack Edizioni and written by famous italian journalist Alex Ventriglia (Metal Hammer Italy, Metal Maniac, Rock Hard Magazine).
The book is released on december 3rd 2015 and the band is currently touring supporting the Biography Book Titled “Batti Il Martello”.

Right after Kappa gets an endorsement deal with Lengardo Guitars (CH) for the production of a special Kappa’s Model Lengardo Guitar….
During the Fall of 2015 Kappa set up his own recording studio in his historic HeadQuarter Warehouse in hometown Livorno and starts working and recording on his second solo album, titled “The Man I want to Be”
Kappa writes, arrange and records all songs, doing all the guitar parts, and Vocals, and producing, engineering and mixing the whole thing now in your hands.

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